Field work activities from 2006-2012 in China

Field work experiences

Field trip trail

I have visited a lot places in south part of China. These places are genreally hostspots of biodiversity of China. Especially I love Xizang! I hope I have chance to introduce more details of this facinating landscape, spelendid vegation, and each plant I came across during my trip.

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Here some bullets of my trips I have make since 2006 - 2012:

  • 2012
    Trip to southern Yunnan along Myanmar border with Pam S. Soltis and Doug E. Soltis, collecting materials for Tree of life — China Project. Trip to Hainan tropical rain forest with Doug E. Soltis, collecting materials of Tree for life — China Project.
  • 2006 ~ 2011
    Joined in the expedition team of national herbarium (PE) for collection many times, successively visited a series of biodiversity hotspots, such as Jilin, Hubei, Chongqing, Guangxi, Sichuan, Xizang, etc.

I use R code and Baidumap API to show my trips:

Warning: This script may not work well in R markdown enviroment, but I tried by copying out the code as a single script in R studio. It works.

# you need to install these packages if have not done so.
# devtools::install_github("lchiffon/REmap")
# devtools::install_github("badbye/baidumap"")


# I realized chinese string have more success match with their coordinates
 city<- c("北京","吉林省", "广东","湖北","重庆","广西","西藏","四川", "云南", "海南")
 begin<-rep("beijing",length(city))   #(起点)
 getBaiduMap2(city, width = 400, height = 400, zoom = 10, scale = 2,
             color = "color", messaging = TRUE)
 map_pic <- remap(mapdata = mapdata,  #数据框
                 title = "Footsteps covered most hotspots of China", #标题
                 subtitle = "Field work activities from 2006-2012",  #副标题
                 theme = get_theme(theme = "Dark")) #主题

Field trip trail
Field trip trail