Biodiversity and the Earth

We all need to work together

Collecting plant tissue with Dr. Pamela S. Soltis in forest

Saving the Biodiversity on the Earth = Saving Ourselves

It’s never too big to do something about it! We all play a part for the greater good!

Our world’s heartbeat is its biodiversity! This complex network of all life is responsible for the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. But we often don’t realize how much even our subtile actions may have huge consequences to the earth’s cultivation or damage. That’s why researchers come together from all over the world to map our biodiversity and call for conservation. We are building a robust family tree for all life on earth as the foundation for its preservation and for the greater good of our own species.
Evolutionary relationship matters! Tree of Life (phylogeny) is able to help us with the discovery of medicines, curing diseases, improving crops, identifying conservation priorities, and even predicting the global response of species to a rapidly changing climate. Our knowledge of phylogeny also can help to increase public understanding of conservation, biodiversity, emphasizing the importance and connectivity of all life. Scientists and the publics, and policy makers need to be partnership togther contributing this great course! See Soltis and Soltis (2019).