Teaching Tree of Life

My tree is higher than UF Century Tower

We are all Tree Tenders!

Those outreach activities always make me wondering how could I deliver the knowledge I learned to the public and also make me realized that how important my work is! Tree of life is beautiful metaphor! It perfectly explains how everything in this enormous tree connected and related. If we can educate the public about the biodiversity and conservation, and how our future depends on it! Then so, ultimately more and more people realize it and will initiatively promote saving the Tree of Life! It’s never too big to do something about it! We all play a part for the greater good!

Here are some photos from the workshops I teaching tree of life and outreach activities I show people how the vegetables and fruits on their diner table are related.

Miao Sun | 孙苗
Miao Sun | 孙苗

My research interests are reconstructing a large scale phylogeny to explore the diversity patterns in angiosperms across space and time using big biological data and biological comparative methods.