Research Talk at IBCAS Youth Forum

Build and use large-scale phylogenetic trees

I had the great honor and was invited by Dr. Zhiduan Chen to visit his lab. We had great conversations and we also discussed to collaborate a few great project in comming futher.

Later on I was invited by Dr. Limin Lu, who hosted a Youth Forum organized by the State Key Laboratory of Systematic and Evolutionary Botany (LSEB) at IBCAS.

I briedly introduced my research works conducted in these 5-year post-doc life in Soltis Lab. I used rosids as an example to illustrate how to build and use large-scale phylogentic trees. Key points are:

  • Data mining public database (e.g, GenBank and GBIF), and data cleaning for downstream analyses. E.g, recent manuscript in bioRxiv and paper in AJB.

  • Knowing the potential issues when applying large-scale data for macro-ecology and -evolution. E.g., papers in AJB, Ecology, and another recent manuscript in bioRxiv.

  • Large-scale trees can be used for [Diversification]. E.g., recent manuscript in bioRxiv and an accepted paper collaborated with Dr. Xue.

  • Large-scale trees can be used for Phylogentic Diversity (PD)

Relationships matter!!

Please let me know if you have any questions and want to know more details.

Overall, it turned out full house!! More than expected!! ✌️ ✌️

Especially I have met Prof. Jianfeng Mao from Beijing Forestry University. I had great cinversation with him and his students.