Under this project, mainly two parts related to my Master work:

  1. Taxonomic revision of Elaeagus L. (Elaeagnaceae) in China
    Combined knowledges from field observations and comprehensive study on more than 7000 specimens from 20 herbaria, I have recognised of 36 species, one subspecies and five varieties in mainland China. 13 species names and three variety names are regarded as new synonyms. See more details in Sun et al. (2010)

  2. Validation and lectotypification for all type specimens deposited in PE

A type is a really important object in taxonomy; it can be a particular specimen (in some cases a diagram, or a group of specimens) of an organism to which the scientific name of that organism is formally attached. Based on detailed study of 20,000 cited type specimens housed at China National Herbarium (PE) in litertures, we selected ca. 8,000 type specimens according to the updated International Code of Botanical Nomenclature. Our research was published as a book of Types Specimens in China National Herbarium (PE) (2015) with 15 volumes in total, and I’m the Coauthor of Vols. 6, 7, and 10. This book include type specimens from moss, ferns, and seed plants belong to 217 families, 1,174 genera, 6,627 species, 67 subspecies, 1,149 varities, and 126 forms; composed of 4,583 Holotypes, 2,372 Isotypes, 395 Lectotypes, 9 Isolectotypes, 3 Neotypes, 3 Isoepitypes, 34 Syntypes, 100 Isosyntypes, 293 Paratypes, 178 Isoparatypes. It was called as Masterpiece for research and study plants in China, and professional reference book for botanists, taxonomists, and systematists. All the type specimens were digitalized as high-resoluton images and its protologues referrences. Detailed information was recorded in databased. It perhaps be the most comprehensive collection of types specimens in the world. More information can be found from the publisher and China Daily.
This project was supported by Plant Specimen Digitisation and Chinese Virtual Herbarium Establishment.

15 Volums of Types Specimens in China National Herbarium (PE)
15 Volums of Types Specimens in China National Herbarium (PE)

Miao Sun | 孙苗
Miao Sun | 孙苗
Postdoctoral Scientist

My research interests are reconstructing a large scale phylogeny to explore the diversity patterns in angiosperms across space and time using big biological data and biological comparative methods.