Tree of Life

Open Tree showing distribution of DNA data in rosids

“Dealing with conservation is about dealing with people, not about dealing with animails (and plants)" — Sarah Hauck

Tree of Life — A map of the relationships between all life on earth — A metaphor for the importance and connectivity of all species — Aiming to increase public understanding of conservation and biodiversity. The knowledge of Tree of Life has many practical applications which will benifit ourselves.

Under this big project, I have mainly involved fowllowing two subset projects as primary researcher:

  1. Rosid Phylogeny and Diversification We recently used 5-locus, 19,740-taxon supermatrix to investigate the sampling bias of rosid in GenBank, and how sampling differences may influence the phylogeny and downstream diversification analyses (See rosids Project);

  2. The Tree of Life: China project ( Chen et al., 2016) We build a tree of life for the plants of China (~30,000 flowering plant species), uncovering a distinct regional pattern in biodiversity. Eastern China is a floral “museum” with a rich array of ancient lineages and distant relatives while the western provinces are an evolutionary “cradle” for newer and more closely related species. More detail see Lu et al. (2018).

Miao Sun | 孙苗
Miao Sun | 孙苗

My research interests are reconstructing a large scale phylogeny to explore the diversity patterns in angiosperms across space and time using big biological data and biological comparative methods.