Demonstrating gene tree conflict with Phyparts Piecharts

Explained the importance of understanding the underlying conflict among gene trees. List all the steps required to reach the final stage of data visualization. Along with each step, necesary methods (software, an scripts) and data sets are also deatailed.

Research Talk at IBCAS Youth Forum

Research talk to introduce my 5-year post-doc research to students, and researchers at Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Research Lightning Talks at Florida Museum of Natural History

5-min lightning talk to introduce my research to researchers at Florida Museum of Natural History


**Biodiversity** is multidimensional, composed of genetic, phenotypic, ecological, and geographic variation within and among species. The forests of eastern Asia and eastern North America were anciently connected, offering an excellent opportunity to study the drivers of its biodiversity. This is a US-China collaboration project. See [Project Homepage](https://www.usa-china-biodiversity.org/)

Biodiversity and the Earth

Our world’s heartbeat is its biodiversity. This complex network of all life is responsible for the food we eat, the water we drink ...