SciAdv: The evolutionary origins of the cat attractant nepetalactone in catnip

Catnip or catmint ( _Nepeta_ spp.) is a flowering plant in the mint family (Lamiaceae) famed for its ability to attract cats. This phenomenon is caused by the compound nepetalactone, a volatile iridoid that also repels insects. Iridoids are present …

Demonstrating gene tree conflict with Phyparts Piecharts

Explained the importance of understanding the underlying conflict among gene trees. List all the steps required to reach the final stage of data visualization. Along with each step, necesary methods (software, an scripts) and data sets are also deatailed.

Exploring deep phylogenetic incongruence of the COM clade in Rosidae: Phylogenomics approach [PhD dissertation]

Analysis of large data sets can help resolve difficult nodes in the tree of life and also concomitantly reveal complex evolutionary histories, including instances of lateral gene transfer, hybridization, or incomplete lineage sorting. The placement …