For common community phylogenetic analyses, go ahead and use synthesis phylogenies

Should we build our own phylogenetic trees based on gene sequence data, or can we simply use available synthesis phylogenies? This is a fundamental question that any study involving a phylogenetic framework must face at the beginning of the project. …

Research Lightning Talks at Florida Museum of Natural History

5-min lightning talk to introduce my research to researchers at Florida Museum of Natural History

Tree of Life

[Tree of Life]( --- Evolutionary relastionship matters!! See [TreeTender](, [Doug Slotis @TedxUF talk](, and [The Great Tree of Life by Solti (2019)](

Rosid Phylogeny and Diversification

**Rosids**, among the largest clades of angiosperms (90,000–120,000 species, ca. 25% of all angiosperms), exhibit tremendous overall diversity in morphology, chemistry, habit, reproductive strategy, and life history. However, our knowledge of this clade is remarkably limited along any sampling metric, hampering efforts to better understand its incredible species diversity.

AJB: Challenges of comprehensive taxon sampling in comparative biology: Wrestling with rosids

Nature---ISME: Phylogenetic imprint of woody plants on the soil mycobiome in natural mountain forests of eastern China

Recent studies have detected strong phylogenetic signals in tree–fungus associations for diseased leaves and mycorrhizal symbioses. However, the extent of plant phylogenetic constraints on the free-living soil mycobiome remains unknown, especially at …

FPLS: Unveiling the Identity of Wenwan Walnuts and Phylogenetic Relationships of Asian Juglans Species Using Restriction Site-Associated DNA-Sequencing

_Juglans_ species have considerable ecological and economic value worldwide. In China, Wenwan walnuts have been collected by aristocrats and noblemen for more than 2000 years. As a diversity center of Asian _Juglans_, five species are widely …

JSE: Global versus Chinese perspectives on the phylogeny of the N-fixing clade

There has been increasing interest in integrating a regional tree of life with community assembly rules in the ecological research. This raises questions regarding the impacts of taxon sampling strategies at the regional versus global scales on the …

APPS: A new resource for the development of SSR markers: Millions of loci from a thousand plant transcriptomes

**Premise of the study:** The One Thousand Plant Transcriptomes Project (1KP, 1000+ assembled plant transcriptomes) provides an enormous resource for developing microsatellite loci across the plant tree of life. We developed loci from these …

JSE: Phylogeny of the Rosidae: A dense taxon sampling analysis

_Rosidae_, a clade of approximately 90,000 species of angiosperms, exhibits remarkable morphological diversity and extraordinary heterogeneity in habitats and life forms. Resolving phylogenetic relationships within Rosidae has been difficult, in …