Tree of Life

Noise does not equal bias in assessing the evolutionary history of the angiosperm flora of China: A response to Qian (2019)

In response to our paper on the evolutionary history of the Chinese flora, Qian suggests that certain features of the divergence time estimation employed might have led to biased conclusions in Lu et al (2018). Here, we consider Qian's specific …

Nat. Commun.: Recent accelerated diversification in rosids occurred outside the tropics

Conflicting relationships have been found between diversification rate and temperature across disparate clades of life. Here, we use a supermatrix comprising nearly 20,000 species of rosids—a clade of ~25% of all angiosperm species—to understand …

AJB: Estimating rates and patterns of diversification with incomplete sampling: a case study in the rosids

Recent advances in generating large‐scale phylogenies enable broad‐scale estimation of species diversification. These now common approaches typically are characterized by (1) incomplete species coverage without explicit sampling methodologies and/or …

MPE: Accelerated diversification correlated with functional traits shapes extant diversity of the early divergent angiosperm family Annonaceae

A major goal of phylogenetic systematics is to understand both the patterns of diversification and the processes by which these patterns are formed. Few studies have focused on the ancient, species-rich Magnoliales clade and its diversification …


PhyloSynth is a collaborative group of scientists that aim to provide an updated framework and set of phylogenies for the plant tree of life.

Research Talk at IBCAS Youth Forum

Research talk to introduce my 5-year post-doc research to students, and researchers at Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Ecology: For common community phylogenetic analyses, go ahead and use synthesis phylogenies

Should we build our own phylogenetic trees based on gene sequence data, or can we simply use available synthesis phylogenies? This is a fundamental question that any study involving a phylogenetic framework must face at the beginning of the project. …

Research Lightning Talks at Florida Museum of Natural History

5-min lightning talk to introduce my research to researchers at Florida Museum of Natural History

Teaching Tree of Life

Those outreach activities always make me wondering how could I deliver the knowledge I learned to the public and also make me realized that how important my work is! Tree of life is beautiful metaphor! It perfectly explains how everything in this enormous tree connected and related. If we can educate the public about the biodiversity and conservation, and how our future depends on it! Then so, ultimately more and more people realize it and will initiatively promote saving the Tree of Life! _It’s never too big to do something about it! We all play a part for the greater good!_

Biodiversity and the Earth

Our world’s heartbeat is its biodiversity. This complex network of all life is responsible for the food we eat, the water we drink ...